Friday, November 7, 2008

Bags! Bags! Bags!

This Autumn Tote Bag is crocheted and felted. I think I'll send it in a secret buddy package for a crochet group on Yahoo.

I call this one Purple Passion Bobbles. It is also crocheted and felted. To make the bobbles so prominent, I put marbles in place with rubber bands before the felting process, then remove the marbles after. (see the photo below) I got the idea from the book "Knitting Never Felt Better" by Nicky Epstein. I think it turned our really cool, if you ask me.

This one is most likely for a purse exchange on that same Yahoo group. I will definitely make more bags like this one!

1 comment:

Sharon House said...

Your bags are absolutely stunning! Oh I wish I had the patience to crochet LOL.

Very beautiful work...