Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Paper bag book

This is a paper bag book I made for a friend who needed a smile.

The last 4 photos are fronts and backs of three tags that went in the pockets that the open ends of the lunch bags produced.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Lovely paper bag book! So thoughtful.

The white pen I use is by Sakura, Japan. I have a pile of these pens in different colours. They come with the names Glaze, Gelly Roll, and Souffle. I have used the white in the Glaze and the Souffle and they both seem the same. They are unusual to write with because some of them come out almost clear and then the colour appears as they dry. But I have got the hang of that. The colours are also unusual in that you have to get the hang of which colours show up on which background colours. Some colours disappear and others POP! They have roller ends so they come out as a flow.

Linda Dunn said...

Fantastic book created from the humble paper bag. Thanks for sharing!