Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here we go!

Well, I've done it. After reading other blogs and wondering if I had anything to contribute, I've jumped right in. So far the water's fine. I just hope I don't disappoint the folks who take the time to visit here.
Since last night was Halloween, I think I'll start easy and show you my little one. We had gone to four houses so far on our Trick-or-Treat journey. The lady in house #5 had it all decked out with scary things. Turns out those scary things were all voice activated and when I told Jess to ring the door bell, they all started screaming, booing, hissing, screeching and wailing. It scared the pee out of her! The lady felt so bad for scaring her, that she gave her 2 big handfuls of candy. She asked "Is that enough to make it up to you?" Jessie said quietly "I want some more." She laughed and gave her two more handfuls. So we were done! Jessie wanted to go home after being so scared and she had enough candy that I didn't feel guilty about it. Win-win!
It was the foggiest night of the year! Not so good for visibility, but great for a spooky night.


Maxine said...

What a cutie!

Teresa said...

Thank you, Maxine! :)

ButterflyKyss said...

She really is adorable! And welcome to the blogging world! Looks like you're off to a great start so far! I'm pretty new to it all too. It's weird and scary and awesome all at once, isn't it? Keep up the great work!

Teresa said...

Thanks! I've been thinking about starting a blog for two years! Now that I did it, it's all I can think about.

Mary R. said...

your blog is awesome.....I wishe i could make one i need to figg it out one day I will iam just not PC littlet.hahahahah!!i love all your art and your willow tree stuff ,,i just to sew and journals too and 2X2's ATC and reg ATC and i love making paper dolls if i have a pattren and i love beading soft bodyed dolls i have about 20 here looking at me but i have about 20 i have given away....thank you for shearing
Mary Redford